Softwood Structural Plywood

Softwood Structural Plywood Elliotis Pine is produced using a solitary type of Elliotis Pine. Typically, the panels are made with an uneven number of layers, and each layer is positioned at a 90-degree angle to the adjacent ones, ensuring a balanced construction. The face and back veneers are typically aligned to coincide with the longest dimension.

Common Uses:

Elliotis Pine plywood sheets have a variety of common applications. They are particularly well-suited for situations where strength and a sturdy surface are necessary for veneering or painting. Additionally, they provide an excellent surface for painting in structural, industrial, and paneling scenarios. These sheets are specifically designed for use as floor decking and in industrial applications where precise thickness is essential. Furthermore, Elliotis Plywood is highly recommended for roof decking, wall sheathing, roof sheathing, sidewalls, crating, packing, pallets, and concrete shutter paneling.

There are several advantages associated with Elliotis Pine Plywood. It serves as a cost-effective option for concrete forming projects, offering dependable structural performance. Additionally, it is suitable for environments with a moisture content exceeding 20%.

Softwood Structural Plywood
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